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General’s Muscular JM-3055 Water Jet Clears Tough Clogs In Long Lines For South Dakota Plumbing Pros

A two-building Aberdeen, SD office complex suffered constant sewer line back-ups.

Local topography forced the facility’s new 300’ sewer line into an “essentially flat” connection to city services. Authorities would not pay for a pump. And stoppages simply worsened with time.

Enter Aberdeen Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. – with their brawny JM-3055 water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.

“We’ve done service, remodeling and new construction plumbing work for that customer’s properties over 40 years,” Aberdeen co-owner Bob Rux reports. “And you do things right to keep a relationship that long.”

Slicing Through Long-Time, Long-Line Problems

That’s exactly what Aberdeen did.

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General’s Compact, Powerful JM-1450™ Water Jet Tackles 30 Stories of Condominium Clogs

A 30-story condominium in North Miami Beach, FL suffered slow drain and clog issues in laundry rooms on each floor. And owners sought to fix the problem – quickly. They called Gregg D’Attile, owner of Art Plumbing AC & Electric in nearby Coral Springs. And that’s when he rode to the rescue with his Model JM-1450™ electric water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.  Gregg D’Attile loves it. “From the design to the electronics to the compact size, everything is included in the price!”

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General’s JM-2512 Typhoon™ Trailer Jet Storms Through Serious Sewer Clogs

Over 10 feet of solid grease packed the sewer line of a Long Island NY apartment complex.  Raw sewage surged into the parking lot.  Health authorities threatened action.  And frantic facility managers sought fast action. That’s when they called Keith Johnson – and his “big artillery”. The Typhoon trailer jet. “Their big problems are my problem,” Johnson says. “And I make their big problems go away – fast!”

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Triple Play! Plumbing Pro Scores With General Drain Cleaner, Jetter & Camera

Reputation, reliability and results mean much to Vincent “Vinnie” MacDonald’s Boston-area drain cleaning business.  So do the right tools. “We tackle really tough jobs no one can handle,” the Rooterman franchisee says. “Customers know that we combine first-rate talent with first-rate tools to solve problems – permanently.  And General gives us the equipment to do just that.” The New England pros diagnosed, pinpointed and solved the problem by teaming three pieces of General Pipe Cleaners equipment – a Gen-Eye® video inspection/location system, a Rodrunner® sectional cable drain cleaning machine and a JM-3000™ gas-powered water jet.

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General Trailer Jet Storms Through Big-Line Blockages, Helping Ohio Pro Boost Business

For the biggest, meanest drain cleaning jobs in Columbus OH, locals trust Ron Zimmerman, owner of R&B Sewer & Drain. R&B subcontracts drain cleaning services for nearly 30 plumbing companies within 100 miles of Ohio’s capital.  And those professionals routinely tap R&B for their most challenging drain cleaning emergencies. “Our phone answers 24 hours a day, seven days a week” Zimmerman notes. “And our four crews have earned a reputation for honestly doing jobs right – the first time.” Zimmerman counts on durable, reliable drain cleaning and inspection solutions from General Pipe Cleaners.  And his main weapon on tough, big-line jobs is the JM-2512 Typhoon™ trailer jet.


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General’s JM-3080 Water Jet Solves A Dam Tough Problem!

Blockage of a critical 5” overflow pipe beneath a large artificial lake at Dospat Dam, Bulgaria, posed extreme danger to dam wall integrity – risking catastrophic failure. Over 50 years of hardened sediment and debris had accumulated.  Drainage reduced to a trickle.  And construction of a new removal conduit proved unfeasible. That’s when Double D Engineering Ltd, European specialists in industrial cleaning technologies and services, stepped in – with an “outside the box” idea. “Economics and facility condition forced us to work with the existing pipeline,”  Dimiter Dimitrov, company manager, noted. “So we opted for a compact, portable water jet solution.” The JM-3080 gas water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.

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General Water Jets Help Drain Cleaning Professional Blast Blockages For Profits

Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he adds, also suffer grease, sediment, sand, and ice. That’s why Fantauzzo’s central New Jersey company added the popular, reliable JM-2900™ gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners to Mercer’s mix of drain-cleaning and inspection solutions.

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General Helps Fuel Plumber’s Success In New Service Industry

Preston Hall of All Pro Water-Flow revolutionized how the world cleans RV, aircraft and boat holding tanks.  Now the Colorado-based entrepreneur has launched “the biggest untouched service industry in the U.S. in 50 years.” An RV owner and professional plumber, Hall grew seriously concerned with inadequate, unsanitary chemical treatments for vehicle holding tanks. With a wide variety of Jet Set® models available, Hall admired the reliable, rugged technology, transportability and safety features.  And he chose General’s JM-2900™ gas-powered water jet – the first jet he chose for his plumbing business – as All Pro’s “power” source.

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Compact, Powerful JM-1000™ Water Jet Tackle Tough Job For Widow Of Military Veteran

Four hours of snaking couldn’t clear a kitchen clog. The local VA’s maintenance man would run the cable. The sink would drain – then back up again. That’s when owner Jeff Hankins of Steve’s Service Plumbing in Nampa, ID arrived with a JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ from General Pipe Cleaners. “It was a special job for the widow of a military veteran,” he recalls. “And I refused leave until we cleared the obstruction for her – permanently.”

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Compact, Lightweight JM-1000™ Water Jet Saves Contractor Time, Trouble & Money

“The compact size makes it great for one-man operation – and it’s perfect for much of the work I do!” That’s Craig Casteen on the lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ from General Pipe Cleaners. Owner of Casteen Plumbing & Repair in Rose Hill, NC, Casteen can find himself in some pretty tight spots. “There are lots of crawl spaces beneath homes in North Carolina,” he says. “And I’m often under someone’s house – by myself – doing plumbing and drain cleaning work.”

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Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…
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