Camera Inspection Systems

Gen-Eye POD®

Always easy on your back and your budget, General’s versatile Gen-Eye POD® and Mini-POD® now feature optional Wi-Fi inside. Wi-Fi lets you use your own tablet or smartphone to record the inspection and send it to your customers on the spot or back at the shop. The lightweight, compact Gen-Eye POD combines camera, reel and

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Gen-Eye Prism®

Why pay extra for a monitor and a recording device when you already own one? The new Gen-Eye Prism video inspection system lets you use your own tablet or Smartphone to view your inspection and record it. The Wi-Fi transmitter inside the Prism sends video to your Smartphone or tablet. A free App lets you easily

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Gen-Eye SDN®

The upgraded Gen-Eye SDN gives you all the features of a full size video inspection system in a compact, portable package. Latest enhancements include: Larger 10.4” LCD color monitor Built-in waterproof keyboard Integral SD recorder Heavy-duty Pelican case The integral SD Card Reader stores video or still images – a one GB card recording approximately

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Gen-Eye SDW®

The new Gen-Eye SDW video inspection & location system has Wi-Fi inside. The Wi-Fi transmitter inside the Command Module sends video to your Smartphone or tablet. A free App lets you easily view and record video inspections at a range of up to 300 to 500 feet. The older SDN systems can be upgraded with

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Gen-Eye SDP®

The new Gen-Eye SDP Premium video inspection & location system features sunlight readable screen, a 4 hour rechargeable battery, and a Wi-Fi transmitter, along with all the features of a full size camera system in a compact portable package. The Gen-Eye SDP incorporates a number of enhancements to make inspection easier: Larger 10.4” LCD sunlight

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Gen-Eye Micro-Scope®

Put Pipe Inspection in the Palm of your Hand The Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® compact handheld inspection tool has a bright, easy to see 3.5” LCD screen for crisp clear pictures. You can record photos or videos on the built-in SD card reader with one-touch record button for playback on the internal screen, TV, or laptop computer through

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Rescue Wrap®

Rescue Wrap acts as a splint and protective layer for partially kinked, fatigued or worn sections of pipe inspection push rod. Specially formulated for pipe inspection push rod, the Rescue Wrap can be applied on a job site or in your shop. Strengthen weak sections of push rod before the rod fails. In slightly less

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Pipe Locator & Transmitter

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“Drain cleaning can be pretty messy, and you expect to see some nasty stuff,” he admits, “But imagine my surprise when my Super-Vee™ once snaked a Batman toy from a line. I still don’t know how I did it!”

John Comerford Jr Cleveland, OH

I offer a 30-day warranty on every drain-cleaning job, but I can’t give a warranty if I don’t do the job right, and I can’t do the job right if I don’t have the right tools. That’s why I run my whole company with General products, they enhance our professional image!

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General equipment is durable, and takes a beating,” he says. “We use our General tools 24/7 – 365 days a year, and they don’t fail us. General equipment lets us power through tough problems that our competitors walk away from!

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