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Tough, Durable General Drain Cleaning Tools Help Young Florida Plumbing Business Thrive

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How important are rugged, reliable drain cleaning tools to career and business success?

A lot – if you’re Brad Bush, owner of Bush Family Plumbing LLC in Zephyrhills, FL.

“If equipment failures occur, customers never blame the machine,” he credibly contends. “They always blame you!”

And that’s why he and wife Emily have anchored their young, fast-growing business around durable, dependable drain cleaning equipment from General Pipe Cleaners.

Real-Life Lessons Learned

Brad knows from experience.

Before founding his company, he worked several years with a local plumbing and drain cleaning business.

“I paid close attention to what worked – and what didn’t,” Brad recalls. “And I always saw competitors’ equipment in the shop – and never any General machines!”

Small-Line Wonders For Spot Stoppages

Smack dab between Tampa and Lakeland FL, Bush Family Plumbing serves customers within a 50-60 mile radius of their office.

“We set the bar for our tools at a pretty high level,” Emily asserts. “We knew that durable, dependable equipment actually becomes the public face of our burgeoning business.”

That means packing reliable, hand-held, powered drain cleaners for spot, small-line stoppages they often face.

And for those, Bush Family Plumbing clearly prefers General’s handheld Super-Vee® and Power-Vee® machines.

Famed For Decades Of Service

Easy-to-use, hand-held Super-Vee quickly clears sink, shower, toilet, and laundry lines up to 3” in diameter. It’s so rugged that many last for 10, 20, or even 30 years without replacement.

First introduced in 1971, Super-Vee sports General’s quick, convenient Slide-Action™ chuck, engaging and releasing Flexicore® cable with a simple push or pull of Super-Vee’s Grip-Shield – even as cable rotates.

The chuck also automatically adjusts to 1/4” through 3/8” diameter cables. And General’s quick-change cartridges let users easily switch or clean cables without delay or mess.

Flexicore® Advantage

To switch to a different diameter Flexicore cable, just loosen three screws, pull off the front of the drum, and load another cartridge.

Changing takes less than a minute – and turns a potentially dirty job into a quick, clean one.

General’s tough, economical cartridges are so rugged, affordable, and versatile that they also make storage containers for small diameter drain cleaning cables.

Flexicore cables are manufactured of heavy gauge wire coiled tightly around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope for unequalled strength and optimal flexibility. General’s unique design is so tough it carries a one-year warranty against defect or breakage.

“Flexicore is impressive!” Brad beams. “No wonder it’s the industry leader!”

He calls General’s innovative design “very robust and heavy duty”.

“Compared to hollow core cable and even other ‘solid’ cable,” he continues, “Flexicore cable offers great flexibility, but also gets stiff when under load. And that makes a big difference on hard stoppages.”

Automatic Feed Provides “Extra Hand” In Tight Areas

So pleased were Brad and Emily with the performance of their Super-Vee machines, that, as prize winners in General’s recent “Give Us Your Best Shot” photo and video contest, they chose a hand-held Power-Vee® with automatic cable feed to augment one they already had.

Much of their indoor drain cleaning work occurs under sinks and inside cabinets, Brad notes. And the compact, maneuverable Power-Vee proves perfect for that.

General’s simplified automatic feeding system acts like “an extra hand” in confined job settings, making clearing small drain lines faster and easier than using manual methods.

Ideal for small-line stoppages, rugged, reliable Power-Vee, like Super-Vee, easily unclogs sink, tub, toilet, and laundry lines 1-1/4” to 3” in diameter – and up to 50 ft. long.

“There isn’t anything we don’t love about it,” he grins. “And our Handy-Stand™ from General Pipe Cleaners makes it even more versatile!”

Turns Hand-Held Tools Into Floor & Countertop Machines

General’s rugged Handy-Stand turns popular Super-Vee and Power-Vee power drain cleaners into practical countertop or floor machines.

The tough, ergonomically balanced Handy-Stand™ also markedly enhances the versatility, safety, and stability of handheld drain cleaners – especially in tight, awkward spots.

“It’s really, really nice under sinks and in cabinets,” he says – adding that even running well balanced, lightweight tools like Super-Vee and Power-Vee in cramped spaces “can quickly prove fatiguing!”

Lightweight Handy-Stand can be positioned either horizontally or vertically for optimal operator convenience. And the lift handle neatly doubles as a spare cable cartridge holder.

Additional features include:

• Quick-release clamp for securing the drain cleaner into position.
• Four-point base for optimal stability and safety.
• Power cord holder for fewer work obstructions.
• Built-in cutter caddy for extra convenience.

Part Of Their Dependable Equipment Arsenal

“We consider reputation one pillar of our success,” Brad insists. “And it’s one of the main reasons we use only General tools!”

Their growing equipment roster currently includes:

• two Root 66® sectional drain cleaners,
• a previously owned Easy Rooter® floor machine nicknamed “Big Bertha”, and
• a brand new Gen-Eye Pod video inspection system with Wi-Fi capability and a Hot Spot digital locator.

Best of all, rugged General tools remain a key factor in forging customer satisfaction.

“Our customers count on us to fix issues right – the first time,” he stresses. “And General quality, reliability, and engineering help ensure that!”

For more information, contact the Drain Brains® at General at 800-245-6200 or by email at [email protected]. 

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