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“It takes longer to write-up the bill than to unclog a drain with that tool.” That’s how Dale Smith describes the Kinetic Water Ram™ from General Pipe Cleaners.  The lightweight, compact device safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air. It’s also given Smith a clear competitive edge. “I got as much business as I can handle,” Smith concludes. “The Kinetic Water Ram makes me the ‘9-1-1’ of Mississippi plumbers!”

Dale Smith Jayess, MS

A sickening stench had overpowered the San Bernadino-area outlet for a major California supermarket chain. Something had to be done — fast. That’s when store managers called drain cleaning professional Howard Baron, owner of Village Plumbing in the Big Bear Lake resort community. Conventional drain cleaning methods initially failed.  Baron tried clearing the clog with a cable through the last remaining floor drain at the head of the 75-ft. line. That’s when Baron reached for his Kinetic Water Ram™ from General Pipe Cleaners.  “I never used it before — and the store was really desperate!” he chuckles. “But I just read the package instructions, and it worked: it’s really easy to operate.”

Howard Baron San Bernardino, CA

A clogged church kitchen sink prompted a routine call for drain cleaning help. But New York City plumbing pro Sylvan Tieger discovered more serious trouble – total stoppage in a 4” stack. “The 4” soil line was blocked below the church’s kitchen sink on the main floor. This was a bad blockage”, Tieger notes. “And it frankly took me a couple dozen times before I finally heard the ‘whoosh’ that – believe it or not – cleared the entire 4” stack stoppage!” Results like that made him a believer. “This one job paid more than the tool cost me,” he reveals. “Now I got one Kinetic Water Ram for each of my three crews, my home and my daughter!” he laughs. “On ‘FOG’ – fats, oil and grease – it’s my favorite tool!”


Sylvan Tieger New York City