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Traditional plungers that use a hard rubber cup or more modern plungers that use bellows all have the same problem. The rubber cone at the end is round. But the opening in the toilet bowl is usually not round. Toilet openings are a variety of shapes that make it hard to seal off with the traditional plunger. As a result, you get splash back – the bathroom becomes a mess, and worst of all, you get wet.

The key feature of General’s VersaPlunge™ is the patented VersaFlange™ at the end of it. The material is extremely pliable. The cone easily forms to nearly any shaped toilet opening, creating a tight seal in virtually any toilet. This prevents the splash back you can experience with other plungers.

If you’ve ever encountered a full toilet bowl, you know it can be a mess to clear with traditional plungers. The VersaPlunge has a built-in relief valve in the handle that lets you easily purge air from the cone before thrusting to help prevent splashback.

The VersaPlunge does a better job of sealing the opening than any other plunger on the market. It helps you clear the clog faster, and keeps you, and the jobsite, clean.



  • Patented VersaFlange easily forms a tight seal in virtually any drain opening to prevent splash back.
  • Roll up the end of the VersaFlange to make a flat bottom to clear sinks and other drain openings.
  • Relief valve in the handle prevents the need to remove water from the toilet bowl to eliminate overflow situations.


  • Super compressible accordion-style bellows makes it easier to apply extra force to clear the stoppage.
  • Easy grip handle gives you more control and is a lot easier to use than the broom handle found on traditional plungers.

The VersaFlange fills the gaps and seals the opening, just as it does in any shaped toilet opening. You can more easily clear a clogged toilet while keeping yourself, and the bathroom, clean and dry.

The super compressible accordion-style bellows makes it easier to apply extra force to clear the stoppage. The bellows hold more volume than traditional plungers. As you compress the bellows, you get more thrust with each stroke to clear the stoppage quicker and more effectively.

You can roll up the end of the VersaFlange to make a flat bottom, so you can use the VersaPlunge to clear sinks and other drain openings.

Use the easy grip handle to press down on the plunger to give you more control. It’s a lot easier to use than the broom handle that’s found on traditional plungers.

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453200 VSP

VersaPlunge (Standard Pack: 8)

0.8 lbs

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