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Over the years, our customer service staff has collected tips to avoid various problems, tricks to get you out of jams, hints on the right tool for the right job, and so on.  This Ask the Drain Brains blog is a selection of some of those hints and tips. You can search by category, for instance, Drain Cleaning, Sewer Cameras, Water Jetters, Cool Plumbing Tools and more.

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What You Need to Know about Drain Cleaning Part 3

In this four-part series, we are taking a look at what you need to know about drain cleaning. We have already touched on selecting the right tools for the job and what your employees should know when you train them. In this third part, we will talk about what local regulations you need to be…


Top Plumbing Questions with General Pipe Cleaners

By Dave Dunbar, National Sales Manager, General Pipe Cleaners Dave Dunbar is the National Sales Manager with 25 years of experience with General Pipe Cleaners, McKees Rocks, PA USA. In this blog post, he answers some of the top plumbing questions from Plumbing and Mechanical magazine. How has the drain cleaning market changed since the…


How To Break Your Drain Cleaning Equipment!

Recently, we have posted a series of blogs with the title ‘How Not to Break Your Stuff, where we shared best practices from contractors who excel at keeping their drain cleaning machines operational and profitable. After looking at some of the feedback that we got from that series, we decided to write this ‘tongue in…


What You Need to Know about Drain Cleaning Part 2:

In this four-part series, we are taking a look at what you need to know about drain cleaning. In the first part, we talked about how to select the right tools for the job. In this second part, we will dive into what your employees need to know when you train them. Training Employees –…


What You Need to Know about Drain Cleaning Part 1:

In this four-part series, we are taking a look at what you need to know about drain cleaning. Today, we will be telling you how to select the right equipment for the job. How Do You select the Right Equipment for The Job? Good question. If you use a drain cleaning tool in the wrong…


Five Biggest Misconceptions about Drain Cleaning

By Dave Dunbar, National Sales Manager at General Pipe Cleaners Misconception #1 – You should always wear rubber gloves when operating a snake style drain cleaning machine to protect yourself from the health risks of sewage. While it is true that plumbers and drain cleaners should always be aware that they and their equipment are potentially in…


Top Five Ways of Dealing with Root Incursions

By Dave Dunbar, National Sales Manager at General Pipe Cleaners Roots are your sewer pipes’ worst nightmare! Tree roots are constantly in a state of hunger and thirst, searching relentlessly for water and nutrients. Both are abundantly available inside the drainpipes that lead from our homes to the septic systems or municipal sewage treatment plants…


How to Handle Negative Feedback Online as a Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Contractor

When social media was in its dinosaur days, the technology’s potential seemingly capped out at reconnecting with old friends and posting updates about your day. Few would’ve predicted that social media would become not just a helpful, but an essential tool for plumbing and drain cleaning contractors to connect with their customers in ways that…


How To Be Successful In The Plumbing And Drain Cleaning Trades

Drain cleaning is a billion-dollar industry and a very rewarding and lucrative career path. It will keep you busy, no matter the season, or the economy. In fact, every plumbing contractor we’ve talked to is as busy as they’ve ever been. And they are looking for help. Trade schools and apprentice programs are a low…


Flexible-Shaft Technology – The Next Big Thing

Drain cleaning professionals ignore new technology at their peril. As in most industries, if your competition has equipment that is better, faster, safer, and more professional, it puts you at a serious disadvantage. One need only look at the history of our industry in the past 30 years to see the truth in these statements. What…


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Success Stories

Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains –…
Jake Albright Florida
Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…
Chris Fantauzzo Trenton, NJ
For most inside jobs, Michael Williams of Just Drains LLC favors two General classics – Super-Vee® and Mini-Rooter®. The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. “My personal Super-Vee is over 20 years old,”…
Michael Williams Philadelphia, PA