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Pipes, Drains and Cold Weather

The cold weather months are upon us, and while that tends to have heating professionals running from jobsite to jobsite, plumbers know the plight of pipes once the snow begins to fall, and that heating systems are not the only mechanical systems causing emergency calls out there. Poorly insulated water lines that have been installed…

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When the holidays lead to grease clog emergencies

Q. It happens every holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever – people cook the turkey, pour the grease down the drain, then call me when the grease clogs the line. What drain cleaning tool would you recommend that will clear the line fast so I can get back to my family? A. The best tool…

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Selecting drain cleaning equipment

  Q. The economy is getting off it’s knees and starting to pick up. It’s time for us to get another truck on the road. What should I look for in selecting drain cleaning equipment?   A. Remember your “three R’s”: Reliability Range Risk RELIABILITY.  Downtime costs money.  Choose a manufacturer with a solid reputation…

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Water Jets vs. Cable Machines: What’s the Difference?

Since the introduction of water jets more than 25 years ago, drain cleaning professionals have pondered this question – do high pressure water jets replace cable drain cleaners? The answer is yes and no. Traditional cable drain cleaners do a great job of cutting up tree roots and retrieving objects. But when it comes to…

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Snakes in the Bathroom!

Imagine this: You walk into the restroom only to find a snake peeking its head out of the toilet! That’s what happened at a commercial office building recently. Luckily for the building owner, they called James Capelli, a plumbing contractor, and his Gen-Eye™ video inspection equipment. “My Gen-Eye camera has spotted trouble in sewer lines…

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April Showers Bring Flooded Basements

After a long and snowy winter, we’ve reached spring! Just as winter has its annual issues, so does spring. The most common issue is the heavy April (and May!) showers combined with the melting of snow as temperatures warm up. As the local rivers and streams start to overflow, there is a strong likelihood that…

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Choosing the right drain cleaning tool for the job: Types of Cutters

Now that we’ve talked about which is the right machine to use for each application, the next question is what is the right cutter to use. Everyone has their favorite cutter, just as everyone has their favorite fishing lore. Clearing Sinks and Tubs: Small diameter drains require smaller, more flexible cutters to negotiate the tight…

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Choosing the right drain cleaning tool for the job: Types of Clogs

Last month we answered the question of what is the right drain cleaning tool for each job. Here are more solutions to drain cleaning problems. Tree roots: For difficult stoppages you should use a larger diameter heavy duty cable that has the torque to cut through tree roots. It is best to use a 5/8”…

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Choosing the right drain cleaning tool for the job: Types of Drains

Q: Over the years, we’ve accumulated a number of drain cleaning tools. I’m not sure what drain cleaning problem each tool is best suited for. Is there a list to guide me? A: Good question. If you use a drain cleaning tool in the wrong application, it won’t clear the drain properly, and you could…

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Make Money Fast Thawing Frozen Pipes

When the weather turns really cold, pipe thawing season turns red hot!  When the inevitable flood of service calls for frozen pipes comes, be sure you have a pipe thawing machine on hand. No matter how well homeowners think they have their pipes insulated, we all know that when the arctic blast hits, pipes are…

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Success Stories

Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains –…
Jake Albright
Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…
Chris Fantauzzo Trenton, NJ
For most inside jobs, Michael Williams of Just Drains LLC favors two General classics – Super-Vee® and Mini-Rooter®. The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. “My personal Super-Vee is over 20 years old,”…
Michael Williams Philadelphia, PA