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Save your arms and make drain cleaning easier with General’s new
Uni-Stand™! It securely supports your hand-held drain cleaner when you’re working in tight spaces like under sinks and kitchen cabinets. Just slide the adjustable clamp around the motor housing – and lock it into place for safe, solid support. Adjust the length of the Uni-Stand leg to the height desired. Then rock your machine back and forth as you feed the cable into the line.

Uni-Stand™ snuggly fits General’s popular Super-Vee®, Power-Vee® and Handylectric® hand-held drain cleaners. All three are ideal for unclogging small diameter lines in sinks, tubs, and laundry drains. Uni-Stand works with many competitive machines, too!



Uni-Stand securely supports hand-held drain cleaners. Just slide the clamp around motor housing and lock it into place. Adjust the length of the leg to the height desired.

  • Supports hand-held drain cleaning machines for easier operation under sinks, cabinets and other confined spaces.
  • Adjustable clamp securely locks around the drill motor housing for safe, solid support.
  • Extendable leg adjusts Uni-Stand height from 11” to 19-1/2” for comfortable operation.
  • Easily feed cable into lines by rocking Uni-Stand with hand-held drain cleaner back and forth.
  • Works with General’s Super-Vee, Power-Vee and Handylectric – as well as with most competitive hand-held machines.


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Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
133050 UNS


1.5 lbs

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