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General’s Powerful JM-3055 Water Jet Clears Tough Clogs In Long Lines for South Dakota Plumbing Pros

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A two-building Aberdeen, South Dakota, office complex suffered constant sewer line back-ups.

Local topography forced the facility’s new 300-foot sewer line into an “essentially flat” connection to city services. Authorities would not pay for a pump, and stoppages simply worsened with time.

Enter Aberdeen Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. with their brawny JM-3055 water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.

Aberdeen forged a reputation for excellence in plumbing and drain cleaning services to commercial and residential customers within 75 miles of company offices.

“We’ve done service, remodeling and new construction plumbing work for that customer’s properties over 40 years,” Aberdeen co-owner, Bob Rux, reports. “And you do things right to keep a relationship that long.”

Slicing Through Long-Time, Long-Line Problems

That’s exactly what Aberdeen did.

The JM-3055 water jet quickly cleared the line. And Aberdeen won the preventive maintenance contract to clean the conduit every spring and fall.

“JM-3055 turned day-long work into a few-hours job,” Rux smiles. “That’s the sort of equipment efficiency and reliability that lets us do more business in a day!”

Part of the broad range of popular, award-winning Jet-Set® electric, gas and trailer water jets, General’s powerful JM-3055 packs the punch to slice through tough debris, grease, sludge, sand,and ice blockages in long, large drain lines.

Stubborn stoppages like those can prove troublesome for cable drain cleaners. But, “The JM-3055 cleans out those kind of clogs in pipes so much better than cable machines do,” Aberdeen co-owner, Kyle Price, adds. “That’s why it worked so well on our customer’s sewer line.”

In fact, General’s muscular machine boasts the highest flow rate of any water jet without a holding tank. A 3000-psi, 5.5 gpm pump driven by a 16 horsepower (480 cc) Briggs Vanguard engine creates a high-pressure water stream that pulverizes problems in large lines up to 8 inches in diameter and long runs up to 600 feet long.

Price calls that a “big advantage.” Nozzle thrust drives the hose down long, large-diameter lines and gives wall-to-wall pipe cleaning action.

Versatile Business Builder

The JM-3055 gas jet can be used to clear clogs from inside line as well when it’s connected to the optional Cart-Reel™. It lets professionals use the power of gas jets in buildings and confined spaces where exhaust fumes can be dangerous.

General’s rugged, reliable range of water jets is excellent for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, factories, waste treatment plants and septic systems. It’s also great for handling blockages in schools, sports arenas, care facilities, shopping malls, farms and more. General offers an electric, gas or trailer water jet for practically every application.

Rux and Price agree.

“We regularly use our JM-3055 to clean sewer lines at the county courthouse and county jail,” Rux remarks. “And we’ll shortly use it on drains at a large machining facility.” – a regular Aberdeen drain cleaning customer.

“They use lots of soaps with pumice, which, over time, builds up,” Price adds. “The JM-3055 gives us the reach and power to clean those long lines.”

Designed For Durability

General’s machine rides on four, 13-inch “flat-free” foam core tires for rugged reliability in the field. And a wheel brake securely positions the whole unit during work.

Price likes the four-wheel chassis. With little effort, operators can tip the superbly balanced JM-3055 onto its rear wheels and easily maneuver it into position.

A removable, 300-foot capacity hose reel mounts to the heavy-duty tubular frame. A tool box and spray wand come standard with the machine. And a variety of optional Jet-Set nozzles and accessories enhance equipment performance and productivity even more.

Potent Professional Arsenal

“Trust is very important,” Bob Rux stresses. “To maintain our professional reputation, we got to rely on our tools.”

That’s why Aberdeen’s arsenal includes several more rugged, reliable General drain cleaning solutions, including the Mini-Rooter® and Speedrooter® floor-model cable drain cleaners, a Super-Vee® hand-held machine and hand augers.

“From customer service, to technical support and equipment performance on the job, General Pipe Cleaners has earned our trust,” Price concludes.

For more information, call the Drain Brains® at General at 800-245-6200, or email

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