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Q. The economy is getting off it’s knees and starting to pick up. It’s time for us to get another truck on the road. What should I look for in selecting drain cleaning equipment?

Super-Vee Power Drain Cleaner


A. Remember your “three R’s”:

  • Reliability
  • Range
  • Risk

RELIABILITY.  Downtime costs money.  Choose a manufacturer with a solid reputation for tough, dependable products.  And make sure they’re easy-to-maintain.  But remember: cables do most of the work.  The best are left hand coiled over a wire rope center for maximum strength and flexibility – and maximum kink resistance.

RANGE.  Different problems demand different solutions.  Consider a selection of cable drain cleaners for common clogs – and water jets for grease, sediment, ice and other soft blockages.  And don’t forget sectional machines for large, long-run lines.  Aim for an equipment mix that lets you solve all sorts of problems – inside and out!

RISK.  Safeguard yourself, your employees, an your business!  Always demand equipment with a complete safety package.  Do they include ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s)?  How about safety slip clutches?  Do they feature air-actuated foot pedals – with no direct electrical motor contact?  Protect your livelihood!

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Success Stories

“Drain cleaning can be pretty messy, and you expect to see some nasty stuff,” he admits, “But imagine my surprise when my Super-Vee™ once snaked a Batman toy from a line. I still don’t know how I did it!”

John Comerford Jr Cleveland, OH

I offer a 30-day warranty on every drain-cleaning job, but I can’t give a warranty if I don’t do the job right, and I can’t do the job right if I don’t have the right tools. That’s why I run my whole company with General products, they enhance our professional image!

Chris Fantauzzo Trenton, NJ

General equipment is durable, and takes a beating,” he says. “We use our General tools 24/7 – 365 days a year, and they don’t fail us. General equipment lets us power through tough problems that our competitors walk away from!

Michael Williams Philadelphia, Pa