50 Year-Old General Drain Cleaning Equipment Still Works

Wisconsin Plumbing Pro’s Drain Cleaning Equipment Includes Operational 50-Year-Old Machine From General Pipe Cleaners!

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How about a working drain cleaning machine in active service for 50 years?

Bob Schmitz has one.

Founder of Schmitz Plumbing Heating & Electric, he’s forged a robust reputation for plumbing and drain cleaning excellence in the Potosi, Wisconsin area.

After working several years for a local plumber, Schmitz started his company in 1979. And a year later, he bought a used, 1968-vintage General Sewermatic drain cleaning machine with paperwork from a retiring competitor.

“It’s still running strong today – over 50 years later!” Schmitz smiles. “And I’ve got the original parts list to prove it!”

Something Old, Something New

Citing the Sewermatic’s longevity and dependability, Schmitz and his son Chad, the new company owner, continue using it to clear clogs from long runs up to 200’.

But smaller, shorter jobs actually dominate most of Schmitz’s drain cleaning efforts.

“We do light commercial work,” he notes, “but 90-95% of our jobs are inside residential. And for those, we definitely prefer our new Model DRZ-PH power drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners!”

Supplementing the company’s 20-year-old Super-Vee® small-line drain clearer – also from General – the clean, quiet machine is perfect for unclogging 1-1/4” to 3” lines in kitchens, laundries, and baths – exactly where most customers need Schmitz’s services.

Weighing just 30 lbs., the lightweight, powerful model DRZ-PH drain cleaning machine features a variable speed power cable feed for superb control feeding and retrieving cable up to 16’ per minute.

“General’s self-feed – forward and back – works really nice,” Schmitz declares.

The 4’ guide tube means operators never have to touch the cable. So hands – and jobsites – stay clean, too.

Operational Versatility Boosts Productivity

The Model DRZ-PH operates horizontally on the kitchen counter – or vertically on the floor next to the tub. Compact and maneuverable, it provides potent performance in confined spaces.

“Nice thing is, you can stand it on end – or go in horizontally – making it very stable in a range of jobs,” Bob Schmitz adds. “It’s really a slick machine!”

The silent motor won’t disturb customers, either. And the pneumatic foot pedal keeps hands safely free to control the cable feed and guide hose.

“We often operate our machine in tight or restricted areas,” Schmitz notes. “And the air-activated switch is handy and reliable.”

Rugged Flixicore Drain Cables Ensure Performance

The rust resistant DRZ-PH aluminum drum carries up to 50’ of 1/4” or 5/16”, or 35’ of 3/8” Flexicore® wire rope center cable. And Genera’s quick-change cartridge system even lets operators switch to different cable diameters without pulling old cable from the drum.

Constructed of heavy gauge wire tightly coiled around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope and heat-treated, Flexicore drain cleaning cables offer unequalled strength with optimal flexibility.

For over 90 years, it’s remained the industry standard for drain cleaning cables. And Schmitz thinks you can’t beat it.

Proper Maintenance Enhances Equipment Longevity

The convenient handle atop the frame further facilitates carrying the DRZ-PH to and from jobs – and right back home for equipment TLC.

“At the end of each work day, we always carefully clean cables and drums – treating them with General’s Snake Oil Classic.”

Better than common lubricants, Snake Oil Classic™ includes a special rust inhibitor to dependably preserve and protect sewer cables and drums from rust – cutting through moisture and replaces it with a rust resistant coating.

Cables, drums, machine bearings, and power cable feeds enjoy a significantly extended life. And General’s deodorant gives everything a fresh, clean smell.

It’s easy to use, too.

Just pour some Snake-Oil Classic into the machine’s cable drum – and rotate the container, letting the oil contact as much of the cable as possible. Then drain off excess Snake-Oil Classic – and allow cable to air-dry.

The Bottom Line

A half-century of rugged reliability sealed Bob Schmitz’s love of General Pipe Cleaners equipment.

“Quality General tools are the best,” he concludes, pointing to his Model DRZ-PH.

For more information, visit the professional drain cleaning tools and rental drain cleaning tools sections of our website, or contact the Drain Brains® at General at 800-245-6200 or by email at [email protected]. Check-out our Where to Buy page to find a dealer near you for these and more great (and long-lasting) General Pipe Cleaners products.

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