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What Tools “Pay For Themselves A 1000 Times Over”? Small-Line Drain Cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners!

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“What tools pay for themselves a 1000 times over? And that’s a conservative estimate!”

That’s Zachary Jurkowski of Montreal Contractors, Montreal, Canada, on the popular Mini-Rooter XP® and Power-Vee® cable drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners.

“The Mini-Rooter XP was among our first ‘big purchases’ 15 years ago – with the Power-Vee coming a few years later,” Zack explains. “And frankly, they’re probably the most durable power tools we’ve ever owned!”

Right Tools Meet Business Needs

They also perfectly complement Montreal Contractors’ business needs.

A partnership between brothers Zack and Jesse Jurkowski, family owned & operated Montreal Contractors reflects three generations of skilled trade experts over nearly 75 years.

The company specializes in residential renovations, specialized adaptations, technical service, and property management. And it’s the last category that requires rugged, reliable drain cleaning equipment.

“Call it the ‘make-or-break’ factor in our property management business,” Zack notes. “When we show-up for drain cleaning emergencies, we must absolutely know that our General machines will work. And they always do!”

Big Performance, Small Package

Easy to transport and maintain, lightweight, economical Mini-Rooter XP unclogs drains from rooftop to basement – including 1-1/4” to 4” kitchen, bath and laundry lines. It can handle almost any inside job.

The drum easily holds 75 feet of 3/8” or 50 feet of 1/2” Flexicore cable – and features a free-floating inner drum with integral distributor tube to help prevent cable tangling. The optional J-Drum lets operators can handle smaller drain lines. And variable speed Power Cable Feed
feeds or retrieves the cable at up to 16 feet per minute.

“It’s a ‘10 out of 10’ for performance,” Zack adds. “The Power Cable Feed itself does the work!”

Peak usage for Montreal Contractors’ Mini-Rooter XP comes just after winter – during the ‘spring thaw’ period.

“We get lots of clogged lines then,” Zack reveals, “and use our Mini-Rooter XP multiple times monthly for toilet, floor-drain, and 3” main-drain problems.”

General currently offers two models: the Mini-Rooter Pro and Mini-Rooter XP – both with power cable feed, wheels for easy maneuverability, and folding handles for storage.

Hand-Held Tool Gets Plenty Of Use

Montreal Contractors’ hand-held Power-Vee with automatic cable feed gets even more use.

“It never leaves the back of the truck!” Zack smiles. “It’s always on standby – ready for use. And it never lets us down!”

Power-Vee easily unclogs sinks, tubs, toilets, and laundry drains from 1-1/4” to 3” diameter at a distance of up to 50 feet. The automatic feed quickly adjusts to take any cable from 1/4” to 3/8” without requiring special tools or additional parts.

That’s like having an extra hand in tight and awkward places. Just squeeze the lever – and cable feeds at rates up to 16 feet per minute.

Maneuverable – Right To Problems

The lightweight Mini-Rooter XP rolls easily on 8” semi-pneumatic wheels. And its rubber feet hold it solidly in position on the job.

“It’s no harder to maneuver than any one of our tool cases,” Zack continues.

The handle folds down to save space and locks into place to act as a lifting handle. And it can quickly adjust to take 1/2” and 3/8” cables without requiring tools or additional parts.

Rugged Cable For Reliable Machines

But if Montreal Contractors needs 3/8” cable on a job, they “usually grab Power-Vee”.

“After all,” Zack grins, “It’s always on the truck!”

All General machines come equipped with tough Flexicore cables. General’s patented production process wraps spring wire tightly around a braided wire rope core – for exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability to withstand harshest jobsite abuse. It’s so tough that it carries the industry’s best warranty – one-year protection against breakage.

“Flexicore gives us the power to punch through stoppages,” Zack notes. “Like Thor’s hammer: it beats blockages away

Easy Maintenance Complements Reliability

“Both machines come as close as possible to ‘zero maintenance’”, Zack adds. “We wipe and oil cable after every job with General’s Snake Oil.”

Better than common lubricants, Snake-Oil Classic™ has a special rust inhibitor that cuts through moisture – and replaces it with a rust resistant coating.

Sewer cables and machines – including drums, bearings and power cable feeds – enjoy significantly extended life. And General’s product gives everything a fresh, clean smell.

It’s easy to use, too. Just pour a quantity of Snake-Oil Classic into the drum – and rotate the container, letting the oil contact as much of the cable as possible. Then drain off excess Snake-Oil Classic – and allow the cable to air-dry.

“We detach the drum of our Mini-Rooter XP in less than a minute – minimizing mess and downtime,” Zack observes. “And ‘less than a minute’ is generous!”

“We’re 100% satisfied with our ability to get both machines right to drain cleaning problems,” Zack Jurkowski concludes. “Our work is our legacy, and the Mini-Rooter XP and Power-Vee help preserve Montreal Contractors’ good name!”

For more information, contact the Drain Brains® at General at 800-245-6200 or by email at [email protected]. Learn more about Mini-Rooter XP and Power-Vee and see more of our hand tools for drain cleaning & clearing. When ready to purchase a long-lasting, durable tool from General, please visit our Where to Buy page to find the distributor nearest you!

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