Vermont Plumbing Pro Counts on “The Beast” For Drain Cleaning Challenges

Vermont Pro counts on “The Beast” to face any drain cleaning challenge. General’s Root 66 is “sheer joy” to customers and owner.

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Working for others over 12 years, Tyler Scott dreamed of owning his own drain cleaning company.

So when his wife Elizabeth inspired him to start Pipe Dreams Sewer & Drain, LLC in Milton, Vermont, he knew from experience that rugged, reliable tools prove crucial to commercial success.

And that’s why the Root 66 sectional drain cleaning machine from General Pipe Cleaners anchors his drain cleaning equipment arsenal.

“Business reputation means everything to us,” Scott says. “So it’s absolutely pivotal that we maintain the highest standards for residential and business customers to count on – time and time again. Root 66 makes that possible!”

Superior Versatility

“We compared several machines,” he recalls, “And for strength, durability, ease-of-use, and function, only Root 66 met our standards.”

“Above all,” Scott quickly adds, “General’s quality products outlive everything else on the market!”

Designed to clear practically any inside or rooftop drain, the versatile Root 66 power drain cleaner uses 5/8” or 7/8” sectional cables interchangeably – with no adapters or tools required to change cable sizes.

“I use both cable sizes on frequent bases,” he says. “We could face a sink stoppage today, a main line clog tomorrow, or both in one service appointment. Cables switch with ease.”

Taking Command Of Clogs

And it’s field-proven – continually, Tyler Scott asserts.

“We call it ‘The General’,” he winks. “Root 66 has saved the day – many a time!”

Like when Pipe Dreams Sewer & Drain was called to a cabin – “site of a severe back up that already defeated another drain cleaning service”.

Customers frankly feared the worst – hours, possibly days, of serious disruptions.

After set up, Scott started augering from a cramped clean-out beneath the structure. In a crawlspace just tall enough for his machine, he “had to lay nearly flat”.

Still, even in such tight conditions, Scott easily operated General’s compact, efficient Root 66.

Easy Operation

Engaging the drive handle provides plenty of cable torque from the 1/2 hp capacitor motor. Releasing the drive handle immediately stops cable rotation – with no additional torque build-up.

General’s kink-resistant sectional cables offer outstanding strength and exceptional cutting power on serious stoppages.

“I removed clump after clump of large, tangled root masses,” Scott grins, “and about 35 minutes after starting, cleared the line.”

His customers were elated.

“They were literally smiling ear to ear,” he says. “In fact, their reaction was the most memorable thing: sheer joy at avoiding a horrendous situation!”

It’s A Beast!

Another job at a middle school recreational field required the Root 66 to restore flow in an old cast iron pipe from a septic tank to a distribution box.

The line proved, Scott discovered, “filled with heavy debris”.

After hooking to an inverter off his service van, Scott’s Root 66 literally tunneled through about 15 feet of rubble – opening the conduit and permitting replacement of the damaged pipe.

“With minimal effort, the Root 66 successfully cleared a pipe packed with dirt and rocks,” Scott says. “This machine is a beast!”

Compact & Transportable

With the Root 66, Scott declares, “I can carry all I need to a jobsite in one trip – without breaking my back!”

The wide, four-point base ensures excellent stability. It’s as “stable and sturdy as a brick house”, he remarks. “The weight lets me apply generous amounts of torque without hopping or tipping the machine.”

General also offers an optional drum with smaller Flexicore® cables. Attached to the back of Root 66, it reliably clears sinks and other small drain lines.

Other Root 66 accessories include cable carriers and a toolbox. Standard equipment includes a ground fault circuit interrupter, double palm leather gloves, and a rear guide hose.

Scott’s equipment mix also includes a variety of General cutters and accessories.

His Business Builder

“‘The General’ has yet to disappoint – or let us, or a customer, down,” Tyler Scott concludes. “I’m confident it can handle anything I throw at it!”

Root 66 performance and reliability have become promotional points of pride, too.

“I’ve considered doing a weekly post called ‘Follow The General’ on our social media page, with pictures of our Root 66 on the job. And we even considered working it into the design for the vinyl wrap on our service van!”

But Tyler Scott admits even deeper appreciation for General’s powerful tool.

“Carrying the Root 66 makes me feel prepared, confident, and ready to face any drain cleaning challenge!”

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