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Gen-Eye Shows Why Clogged Sewer Line Drove Homeowner Batty

The sewer line of a Tallahassee residential property suffered constant clogging.  And repeated snaking failed to break the blockage. That’s when the professionals at McNeill Plumbing arrived – with their Gen-Eye® video inspection equipment from General Pipe Cleaners. For 35 years, family-owned McNeill Plumbing forged a matchless reputation for competence, dependability, excellence, honesty and “100% customer satisfaction” throughout the greater Tallahassee, FL area. “We are the largest PURE plumber in Tallahassee,” Special Projects Manager Keith Walker notes. “If there is a problem, we can handle it – anytime, any day!”

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Gen-Eye Saves Landlord BIG BUCK$

The sewer line clogged at a Tulsa OK residential property. The frantic renter immediately called a local plumber – who demanded $1,500 for excavation and repair. But the landlord contacted Chris Wade, owner of Precision Plumbing, instead. For 20 years, Precision has guarded an outstanding reputation for professionalism, dependability and honesty throughout Tulsa’s metro area. “We’re not fly-by-night plumbers,” Wade says. “We get 100% of our business by word-of-mouth. So our six crews always prioritize superior service and customer satisfaction.” That’s why Wade carefully selects Precision’s equipment: “When you’re safeguarding a reputation for quality work, you choose tough, reliable tools. And we only trust equipment from General Pipe Cleaners!”

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Pipe Freezing Kit Repairs Broken, Fully Pressurized Lines Historic Landmark – Without Draining Pipes

“When you have hot water gushing through the kitchen ceiling of an historic landmark in mid-January, you don’t waste time fooling around!” That’s how Bob Schneider of Schneider Plumbing & Heating described the scene at a renovated hotel in Northampton, MA, one frigid January evening.  Pipes had burst between floors, flooding food preparation areas as guests gathered for dinner. Schneider knew that if he didn’t act fast, the landmark would sustain terrible damage — and over 100 rooms of guests would, at best, suffer major inconvenience.  That’s when Schneider acted “outside the box.” With a Cold Shot® Pipe Freezing Kit from General Pipe Cleaners, Schneider repaired the fully pressurized hot water line in less than 15 minutes – without closing the main supply or draining any lines before replacing pipe and cutting in new valves.


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Prep Copper Tight in Tight Speed & Boost Work Speed & Efficiency With Ratchet-Action Copperkey®

Plumbing and HVAC professionals get into tight spots.  Crowded access zones.  Snug crawl spaces.  And awkward overhead runs. Problem is, prepping copper pipe in crowded, cluttered conditions impairs efficiency, strains muscles, and eats up time.  That can impact profits — and sometimes even health. But a new ratchet-action CopperKey copper prep tool from General Pipe Cleaners is speeding pipe prep work with greater effectiveness and less physical effort in tight spots.

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Gen-Ear LE® Water Leak Detection System Saves Big Bucks for Texas School, Makes Plumber A Hero

An ominous leak beneath the building.  Water mysteriously surfacing in the parking lot.  And potentially costly demolition and repair costs. What’s a school to do? If you’re the Anna, Texas, Middle School, you call local professionals from Spencer Plumbing Co. — with their new Gen-Ear LE® water leak detection system from General Pipe Cleaners. “Our Gen-Ear LE is proving itself all the time,” says Bryan Spencer.  “It’s serving our customers — and our business — very well.”

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Plumbing Pro Solves Big Problem And Wins A Big Customer

Serious kitchen drain stoppages at Southwest Medical Center menaced operations and sanitation.  Worse, a parade of plumbers couldn’t cure the chronic quandary. Enter Linn’s Plumbing LLC of Chandler, Oklahoma. With a statewide reputation for outstanding service and professionalism, owner Larry Linn teamed trusted drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners to spot – and solve – the true trouble. Using one of his Gen-Eye® video pipe inspection systems, he first pinpointed the problem, a broken  cast-iron pipe.  “Six other competitors just snaked debris around, never fixing the underlying mess.” Then Linn cleared the line with a Speedrooter 92®.

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Cold-Shot® Pipe Freezing Tool Saves Contractor Time & Money

One particular repair problem got personal for Austin L. Montanti, owner of Montanti Mechanical – a commercial and residential renovation firm based on Staten Island, NY. “I purchased an apartment on Staten Island for myself – and quickly realized that the shut-off valves for the kitchen and bathroom sinks didn’t work,” he recalls. That’s why he grew concerned when building managers wouldn’t quickly shut off apartment water. So facing an unacceptable delay of several more hours, Montanti acted fast – and “outside the box”. He grabbed his new Cold-Shot® Pipe Freezing Kit from General Pipe Cleaners. “It was actually the first time I used it,” Montanti smiles. “Cold-Shot was really easy-to-use!”

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General’s ClogChopper® Has Tieger by the Tail

“There’s nothing like it. It’s fantastic for clearing scale from inside lines. It flies around pipe bends!” That’s Sylvan Tieger on revolutionary ClogChopper® cutting tool from General Pipe Cleaners. “A registered master plumber like me can find lots of work in a city of eight million,” Tieger smiles. “My mechanic sometimes wonders why I put so little mileage on my truck; most of the time, I just travel a couple miles to jobs!” Much of that work is new construction. “That’s where ClogChopper really shines,” he says.

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Four Generations of Plumbers Choose General Pipe Cleaners

Plumbing runs in John Comerford Jr’s blood. His grandfather and father were plumbers. So were two brothers. Now one of his sons is, too. “Our name is on our businesses,” Comerford says. “No one in my family has disgraced it yet – and I’m not going to be the first!” The key to success, he claims, is simple: “don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your own home – and choose the right tools for the job.” That’s why four generations of Comerford plumbing professionals have trusted tough, reliable drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners.

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General Water Jets Help Drain Cleaning Professional Blasts Blockages For Profits

Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors, for instance, want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly – often every six months,” the owner of Mercer Drain Cleaning Service says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he adds, also suffer grease, sediment, sand, and ice. And every problem, he says, is a business opportunity. That’s why Fantauzzo’s company near Trenton, NJ added the popular, reliable JM-2900™ gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners to Mercer’s extensive mix of drain-cleaning and inspection solutions.

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Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains –…
Jake Albright
Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…
Chris Fantauzzo Trenton, NJ
For most inside jobs, Michael Williams of Just Drains LLC favors two General classics – Super-Vee® and Mini-Rooter®. The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. “My personal Super-Vee is over 20 years old,”…
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