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The Flexicore Advantage Boosts Productivity and Profitability!

General Wire Spring founder Abe Silverman first coiled spring wire tightly around a wire rope core in the 1940s. Since then, generations of plumbing and drain cleaning professionals swear by the “Flexicore advantage” – matchless cable strength, kinking resistance, and flexibility.

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General Marks 90 Years of Drain Cleaning Industry Leadership

With nearly a century of knowledge of market needs and superior equipment reliability, General Pipe Cleaners has forged robust reputation for turning “good ideas” into “great products” for decades. Now multiple generations of the General family and workforce are celebrating the company’s 90th anniversary 2020! Customer satisfaction, trustworthy tools, creative solutions, continual product improvements, and solid, American-made equipment have fueled nearly a century of success – and industry leadership. And it all began in 1930.

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General Pipe Cleaners Keeps Drain Cleaning Rentals Profitable

“When you’re renting drain cleaning equipment nearly every day, you need tough, reliable machines.”

So says Von Hunn, owner of Garden True Value Hardware, Garden City, KS.

In business for nearly two decades, Hunn’s facility serves residential and commercial rental customers in southwest Kansas. And drain cleaning forms a “significant” slice of his business.

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Plumbing Contractor Learns the Power of General Pipe Cleaners’ Water Jetters

Ruth Coleman, a school teacher in Somerset, PA, came home to find her basement flooded. The whole house was tied into the floor drain, so when it was clogged, nothing in the house worked. So she called Barry Frazier of Frazier Plumbing, Heating, and Air. When he got the call he thought, “this could be a job for my new water jetter.”

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Philly Plumbing Pro Packs New VersaPlunge™ – The Plunger with No Splashback Is the Best Toilet Plunger You’ll Ever Buy!

“I grab two things when I leave my truck: my flashlight and my VersaPlunge”.

That’s Michael Williams, Field Manager for Just Drains LLC – the “the Number 1 drain cleaning company in Philadelphia” – on the revolutionary new plunger from General Pipe Cleaners.

“It’s what pros use,” he quickly adds. “And it’s what we recommend!”

Williams knows what he’s talking about. With six expert crews, Just Drains LLC serves Southeastern Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Harrisburg. And their seasoned professionals demand maximum performance from all the tools they have.

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General’s Muscular JM-3055 Water Jet Clears Tough Clogs In Long Lines For South Dakota Plumbing Pros

A two-building Aberdeen, SD office complex suffered constant sewer line back-ups.

Local topography forced the facility’s new 300’ sewer line into an “essentially flat” connection to city services. Authorities would not pay for a pump. And stoppages simply worsened with time.

Enter Aberdeen Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. – with their brawny JM-3055 water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.

“We’ve done service, remodeling and new construction plumbing work for that customer’s properties over 40 years,” Aberdeen co-owner Bob Rux reports. “And you do things right to keep a relationship that long.”

Slicing Through Long-Time, Long-Line Problems

That’s exactly what Aberdeen did.

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Lightweight, Versatile Kinetic Water Ram™ Quickly Opens Clogged Drains With Shock Action

An innovative hand-held drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners is helping Pro-Tech Drains of Lachine, Quebec, maintain its competitive edge — and boost its profitability. The lightweight, compact Kinetic Water Ram™ safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air. But when he first saw it, President Alain Breton branded the chrome plated device a “gadget”.  “It looked like a science-fiction ray gun,” he recalls. “We never saw anything like it.” “We get more jobs done faster with the Kinetic Water Ram”, Alain Breton concludes. “It’s clean and efficient.  It brings us business.  Customers love it.  And our profitability — c’est magnifique!”

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Award-Winning Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® Florida Plumber’s Dependable Pipe Inspection Tool

Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains – including toilets”, he says. “It really saves time and money.”

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General’s Compact, Powerful JM-1450™ Water Jet Tackles 30 Stories of Condominium Clogs

A 30-story condominium in North Miami Beach, FL suffered slow drain and clog issues in laundry rooms on each floor. And owners sought to fix the problem – quickly. They called Gregg D’Attile, owner of Art Plumbing AC & Electric in nearby Coral Springs. And that’s when he rode to the rescue with his Model JM-1450™ electric water jet from General Pipe Cleaners.  Gregg D’Attile loves it. “From the design to the electronics to the compact size, everything is included in the price!”

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Plumbing Pro Chocks Up Triple Play With General Camera, Drain Cleaner And Cable

Toilets in an expensive new West Coast home should have worked – immediately. But after a few flushes, the master bath line backed up.  Attempts to clear it repeatedly failed.  And the construction company planned to replace a possible crushed line by jackhammering the structure’s concrete slab. Everyone feared the job would consume several days – until a seasoned drain-cleaning professional with the right equipment mix arrived. Oaks proposed pinpointing the clog with a Gen-Eye® video inspection/location system from General Pipe Cleaners. “I couldn’t have permanently fixed this problem without the right equipment mix,” Oaks concludes. “And that’s what General provided!”

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Success Stories

Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains –…
Jake Albright
Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…
Chris Fantauzzo Trenton, NJ
For most inside jobs, Michael Williams of Just Drains LLC favors two General classics – Super-Vee® and Mini-Rooter®. The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. “My personal Super-Vee is over 20 years old,”…
Michael Williams Philadelphia, PA