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PA Plumber Learns That Reliability Is Better Than Novelty, Switches To General’s Next Generation Flexible Shaft Solution.

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“You could say I was regularly on Amazon’s ‘frequent order’ list for repair and replacement parts!”

That’s how Seth Mikulin, half humorously, recalls the poor reliability of his “first-generation” high-speed, flexible shaft drain cleaning machine.

And that’s why the owner of SureFlo Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Hermitage, PA added the “next generation” Flexi-Rooter® 100 from General Pipe Cleaners to his equipment mix.

Rugged, reliable Flexi-Rooter 100 redefines high-speed, flexible-shaft technology. And it immediately proved faster, safer, more thorough, and more versatile than SureFlo’s “first-generation” disappointment.

Reputation For Dependability

For nearly a decade, folks in northwestern Pennsylvania have trusted SureFlo for a wide range of scheduled and emergency services – snaking, hydro-Jetting, camera inspection & location, line replacement, and more.

“Customers trust us to solve problems fast,” Seth stresses. “So equipment reliability remains extremely critical to our business reputation.”

Flexi-Rooter 100 met – and exceeded – Seth’s needs.

Spinning at up to 2200 RPM – 10 times faster than drum machines – Flexi-Rooter 100’s stronger, stiffer flexible shaft combines the superior, straight-line cutting power to open solidly blocked 4” lines with the flexibility to traverse narrow 2” lines.

“We’re even using it more than our conventional cable machines,” he reveals. “It handles most drain cleaning troubles – from root problems to grease and sludge stoppages – 85%-90% of the time!”

Safer, Too

The shaft safely spins within a tough, protective sheath. So with no rotating drums, General’s leading-edge machine remains safer and easier to handle.

The integral variable speed motor with foot pedal control also lets one operator use both hands safely to guide the flexible shaft through the line.

By contrast, Seth’s clumsy, drill-powered, “first-generation” design needed two workers for safe, efficient operation.

“That’s hardly manpower-productive,” he wryly adds, shaking his head.

More Productive

Not so with General’s game-changing machine, Seth contends.

“When looking into a clean-out, I can have a flashlight in one hand, the flexible shaft in the other, and still securely control machine action with the foot pedal.”

And like many drain cleaning professionals, Seth says Flexi-Rooter 100 lets him “feel a lot about a stoppage by working the cable itself – on roots, for example” – further boosting performance.

Unique Cleaning Array

Flexi-Rooter 100’s two-part cleaning array features General’s unique ClogChopper® cutters combined with carbide chain cutters for a formidable, clog-clearing combo.

Revolutionary ClogChopper cutters rip through tough clogs with six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stoppages, scale, and crystallized urine. The spherical design maneuvers around tight bends and traps.

“The front cutter bores into blockages – and the chains scour pipe walls clean,” Seth confirms.

Enhanced Efficiency

General’s shaft design is field-repairable, too.

“I constantly monitor the cutting end for damage – cable fraying, for instance,” Seth notes. “If that happens, I just cut off a small part of the end, and reattach the cleaning array – simple!”

He also considers General’s air-actuated foot pedal control easy to swap. Seth always carries a spare.

Synchronized Camera Operation

With both hands free to guide the shaft into the line, operators can also simultaneously use Flexi-Rooter 100 with a sewer camera system to pinpoint troubles – and instantly inspect results.

“You can definitely use a camera with it!” Seth exclaims. “Now we can hear, feel, and see progress during drain cleaning work!”

He again cites root removal – a “big business opportunity in our area”.

“With a sewer camera monitoring Flexi-Rooter progress, you can actually go root-by-root, or chew into a whole root ball, with excellent accuracy!”

Another Profit Center

By removing the ClogChopper portion of the cleaning array, Seth Mikulin also turns Flexi-Rooter 100 into a cost-effective pipe prep and milling machine.

“We can even descale small, 2” laundry lines for plumbing, drain cleaning, maintenance, and rehab work” – further enhancing SureFlo’s equipment ROI.

General’s versatile machine also helps clear grease and other “soft” stoppages.

Tag-Teaming Troubles

“Flexi-Rooter 100 churns-up the clog – and gets water flowing,” Seth observes. “Once that happens, we can, if necessary, hydro-jet any remaining problems with our General JM-3055 water jet.”

And on solid stoppages, he quickly adds, “If we can’t get those with Flexi-Rooter, we bring in the heavy artillery – like General’s heavy-duty Speedrooter 91 cable machine.”

In fact, their Flexi-Rooter 100 remains one, admittedly vital, part of SureFlo’s larger arsenal of General drain cleaning and inspection solutions – including:

I-95® sectional or drum mounted cable machine
Root 66® sectional or drum mounted cable machine
DRZ-PH™ versatile sink machine
• Multiple futuristic Kinetic Water Ram® portable, air-powered drain cleaners
Gen-Eye POD® and Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® sewer camera systems
Gen-Ear LE® water leak detection system
• Multiple Hot Spot® digital pipe locators

Easy To Maintain & Transport

Flexi-Rooter 100 is also easy to clean and maintain. “You never know when you’ll meet your next white-carpet basement!” Seth jokes.

General’s compact, lightweight design is easy to transport and maneuver, too.

Flexi-Rooter 100’s durable metal frame includes 10” wheels and folding handle to facilitate transport to and from jobs. A safety slip clutch helps protect the flexible shaft.

“It’s great on stairs – a true one-man operation,” Seth declares. “It quickly negotiates doors and narrow spaces. And it easily loads and stores on service trucks.”

The machine comes complete with 50 ft. of 5/16” flexible shaft, suitable for cleaning and milling most 2” to 4” pipes. An optional 25 ft. extension is available, too – increasing reach to 75 ft.

General also offers a broad assortment of chain cutters for a wide range of workplace requirements.

The Bottom Line

Flexi-Rooter 100 remains a key factor in SureFlo Sewer and Drain Cleaning’s services – and success.

“We apply only the most advanced tools, technology, and techniques to drain cleaning, diagnostics, and repairs,” Seth Mikulin concludes. “Flexi-Rooter 100 versatility, reliability, and performance help build our excellent reputation!

For more information, contact the Drain Brains® at General at 800-245-6200 or by email at [email protected]. 

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