Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® Sewer Inspection Camera – General Pipe
  • Plus Battery Adapter
  • Plus Wi-Fi
  • Plus Distance Counter

The new Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® sewer camera system now includes the Gen-Pack™ battery adapter, Wi-Fi transmitter, and an on-screen distance counter as standard equipment to boost productivity and profitability!

Depending on battery type and settings, the built-in Gen-Pack battery adapter lets you operate the camera system for up to 12 hours in remote locations with limited access to power. Fuse-protected to safeguard your equipment investment, the Gen-Pack battery adapter is also available separately. Compatible with Milwaukee M18 battery or equivalent. Battery and charger are not included.

X-POD Plus makes recording and sharing inspections easier. You can record videos and photos on a flash drive using the USB port or send the recording to your customers via your smartphone or tablet with the built-in Wi-Fi transmitter.

The on-screen distance counter shows how far the camera has traveled down a line – in feet or meters. And for optimum accuracy, settings can be adjusted for full-size or mini-reel configurations.

The lightweight, popular X-POD systems combine camera, reel, and monitor into one compact package. A durable docking arm supports the Command Module – and permits height and angle adjustments for optimal viewing.


X-POD Features

Built-in Gen-Pack Battery Adapter

The Gen-Pack™ Battery Adapter lets you operate your sewer inspection camera system in remote locations where access to power is limited. It adds portability and versatility – and makes jobs easier!

Camera system can operate for up to 12 hours in remote locations with limited access to power. Fuse-protected. Compatible with Milwaukee M18 battery or equivalent. Battery and charger are not included. Gen-Pack battery adapter is also available separately.

More Information

Large 7” Screen

Large 7” LCD color monitor gives you crisp, clear images to make it easier to see the picture while doing inspections.

On-Screen Distance Counter

Lets you keep track of how much push-rod you’ve fed into the line. Switchable between standard and mini reels.

Wi-Fi Transmitter

Wi-Fi lets you use your own smartphone or tablet to record the inspection and send it to your customers on the spot or back at the shop.

Digital Zoom

Increases picture size 4X.

Built-in Voice-Over Recording

Internal microphone and speaker lets you add commentary to your videos.

Date and Time Stamp

You can document the date and time of each job for your records.

USB Port

Record video or photos on a flash drive. Can handle up to 64 GB flash drive. Port is easy to use for quick video and image capture located above the keyboard on the control panel and below the monitor.

Removable Reel Cover

Protects job sites from dripping push-rods. Heavy-duty, poly canvas cover fits snuggly around the full-size reel. Securely affixed with Velcro tabs – and easily removed to hose off push-rod between jobs.

Self-Leveling Camera

Automatically keeps picture right side up as the camera glides through the line. Just 1.625” in diameter with 16 Bright-White LED’s to illuminate up to 10” lines.

Mini-Self-Leveling Camera

Just 1.125” in diameter with 4 Super Bright LEDs to light up 2” to 4” lines with 15% more light than other models.

Additional Features

Other Features Include

Integral 512 Hz transmitter, dimmer control, 8GB flash drive, trap skids, and AC and DC power cords in accessory pouch.

Big Capacity Reels

The full-size X-POD reel features a self-leveling color camera and 200 ft. Gel-Rod® for inspecting 3” to 10” drain lines. The compact Mini-Reel carries 100 ft. or 200 ft. of Gel-Rod with mini color self-leveling camera for trouble-shooting 2” and 3” lines. The rugged steel frames and reels include a drag brake and reel lock. The full-size reels sport 10” wheels.

Gel-Rod® Push Rods

Patented Gel-Rod push rod withstands tough abuse in the line. The Gel in the cable keeps the moisture away from the wires if it’s ever cut or abraded. Further, the dual layer/dual color construction lets you see cable wear so it can be repaired before it becomes a problem. The Kevlar® braid, fiberglass core, and durable sheath provide for maximum pushing and pulling power.

Advanced Skid Designs

Skids keep the camera centered in the pipe for a better view, while reducing drag on longer runs. Standard systems include both 2″, 3″ and 6″ trap skids that protect the camera from abrasion as it slides through cast iron traps. Optional 3-in-1 skid set for 4″, 6″ and 8″ lines, and Universal Roller Skid for 6″ to 12″ lines are also available.

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Gen-Eye X-POD Plus Packages

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
183000 SL-GXP-E

Includes GXP-500 Command Module, Gen-Pack Battery Adapter, Wi-Fi Transmitter, SL-GL-200 Reel with Self-Leveling Color Camera, Reel Cover, 2”, 3” & 6” Trap Skids. (Battery and Charger not included)

76 lbs
183005 SL-GXP-F

Same as SL-GXP-E, plus Hot-Spot Pipe Locator (GL-100)

91 lbs

Gen-Eye X-POD Plus Mini-Camera Packages

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
183010 SL-GXP-A

Includes GXP-500 Command Module, Gen-Pack Battery Adapter, Wi-Fi Transmitter, SL-M-GL-100 Mini-Reel with Mini-Self-Leveling Color Camera, 1” & 3” Trap Skids. (Battery and Charger not included)

35 lbs
183015 SL-GXP-B

Same as SL-GXP-A, plus Hot Spot Pipe Locator (GL-100)

50 lbs
183020 SL-GXP-C

Includes GXP-500 Command Module, Gen-Pack Battery Adapter, Wi-Fi Transmitter, SL-M-GL-200 Mini-Reel with Mini-Self-Leveling Color Camera, 1” & 3” Trap Skids. (Battery and Charger not included)

38 lbs
183025 SL-GXP-D

Same as SL-GXP-C, plus Hot Spot Pipe Locator (GL-100)

54 lbs


Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
117200 GN-PK

Gen-Pack Battery Adapter (Battery and charger not included)

2 lbs


Line Capacity:
Self-Leveling Color Camera – 3” to 10”
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 2” to 3”

Reel Capacity:
Self-Leveling Color Camera – 200, 300, 400 ft.
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 100 or 200 ft.

Self-Leveling Color Camera – 0.5 Lux
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 0.008 Lux

Self-Leveling Color Camera – 16 White LED’s 88K MCD
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 4 Super Bright White LED’s 78K MCD

White Balance:
Auto High Speed

Camera Dimensions:
Self-Leveling Color Camera – 1.625” Dia. X 2.7” Long
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 1.125” Dia. X 1.74” Long

Push-Rod Diameter:
Self-Leveling Color Camera – .475” Gel-Rod®
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – .400” Gel-Rod®

Reel Dimensions:
Self-Leveling Color Camera – 29” L x 16” W x 33-1/2” H
Mini Self-Leveling Color Camera – 18” L x 16” W x 19” H

Gen-Eye X-POD Monitor Dimensions:
10” W x 7” H x 2.75” D

LCD Screen Size:

Video Format:

110v/60 Hz AC, 12 VDC

Operating Temperature:
14° F to 122° F
-10° C to 50° C

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