Flexicore Cables, Drain Cleaner Tool - Spin Drive™ Model 400

Clear 2″ to 4″ drain lines with the compact Spin Drive Model 400. This hand-operated unit is equipped with Flexicore® wire rope center cables, assuring long life, as well as the right strength and flexibility.  A large crank on the back of the drum gives you powerful leverage, and after a couple of turns, you’ll have the speed and momentum to break through a stubborn stoppage. The drum is made of heavy gauge steel and is treated for rust resistance. Three holes are punched in the drum for quick cleaning and drying of the cable. The drum turns easily on self-aligning oil-impregnated bronze bearings mounted front and rear. A convenient carrying handle is mounted on the drum for easier portability. The drum can hold up to 75 ft. of 1/2″ Flexicore cable.




  • Cage holds up to 75 ft. of 1/2″ cable.
  • Turns easily on self-aligning oil-impregnated bronze bearings.
  • Large crank handle on the back.
  • Convenient carrying handle mounted on the drum.
  • Made in U.S.A.


Snake-Oil Classic

A great way to extend the life of drain cleaning tools & equipment

Snake-Oil Classic™ preserves and protects sewer cables against rust and corrosion. It’s better than common lubricants because its special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture and replaces it with a rust-resistant coating. You’ll significantly extend the life of your cables and sewer machine, including the drum, bearings and power cable feed rollers. Snake Oil Classic also includes a deodorizer to give equipment a fresh, clean smell. Available in quarts or gallons.

Snake-Oil Classic SDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

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Spin Drive - Complete and ready to operate

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
250020 450FL2

Spin-Drive with 50′ x 3/8″ (L-50FL2) Flexicore Cable w/Regular Head

250030 450FL2-DH

Spin-Drive with 50′ x 3/8″ (L-50FL2-DH) Flexicore Cable w/Downhead

250180 450EM3

Spin-Drive with 50′ x 1/2″ (50EM3) Flexicore Cable and 1-1/2UC & 2UC Cutters


Replacement Cables

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
200260 L-50FL2

50′ x 3/8″ Flexicore Cable w/Regular Head

15 lbs
201260 L-50FL2-DH

50′ x 3/8″ Flexicore Cable w/Downhead

15 lbs
121070 50EM3

50′ x 1/2″ Flexicore Cable with Male and Female Connectors

26 lbs

Parts & Accessories

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
440120 SOQ

1 Quart Snake-Oil Classic

2 lbs
440150 SOG

1 Gallon Snake-Oil Classic

7.5 lbs

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