Rodrunner® - General Pipe Cleaners

The Rodrunner offers all the features that contractors like in a sectional sewer cleaner – light weight, high speed cable rotation, and short quick-coupling cables.

Two Way Operation

Most often, you set the Rodrunner up close to the drain opening. However, on easier jobs where you have some working room, you can run the machine “lawn-mower” fashion, standing behind the machine.

For close-up work, the wheel brake is set, the power switch is placed next to the machine to be used as a foot switch, and the cable guide hose is attached. Now, the Rodrunner is ready to handle the toughest stoppages in 3-10″ lines, as far as 200 feet away.

A heavy-duty 3/4 hp motor with capacitor and overload protection spins cable at 485 rpm, an ideal speed for self-feeding into the line while protecting the cable against sudden torque build-ups. For additional protection, the Rodrunner has an adjustable slip clutch, which is factory set at 18-20 ft. lbs.

An optional set of jaws (R-R10AD) enables the Rodrunner to drive 15 ft. x 7/8″ (15R10) cables to clear smaller lines.



  • Self feeds 8, 10 and 15 foot sectional cables.
  • Pneumatic foot pedal frees both hands to control cable.
  • Can be used as “Close-up” or “Walk-behind” machine.
  • 3/4 hp motor can drive sectional cables 200 ft. down the line.
  • Safety slip clutch protects against sudden torque build-ups.
  • Features folding handle, 10″ tires, and cable counter.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Two Way Chuck Handle

Locked down against cable, you have both hands free to hold the cable. This is a real help when pulling cable out of the line.



Pneumatic Power Switch

Power switch is located on handle for storage and use in “walk-in” operation. For close-up work, it’s removed from handle for use as a foot switch.

Cable Feeding Tool

It enables cable to get around tight bends and traps by taking advantage of open-wound design of cables. Note that operator controls machine by using power switch in foot pedal mode.



Folding Handle

Rodrunner weighs less than 100 lbs., so it’s easy to move to and from the job. Folding handle gives a low profile for more convenient storage on truck.


Flexichain “G Connector”

Proflex “L Connector”

Proflex “R Connector”

Rodrunner Cutter Set


Spear Head
Starting Drill (gets water flowing)


Hook Auger
For removing loose objects and broken cables


2" U-Cutter
For cutting and scraping


3" Heavy Duty Saw Blade
For roots and other stoppages


4" Rotary Saw Blades
For roots and other stoppages


Retrieving Tool
For removing loose objects and broken cables


Coupling Wrench
To disconnect cables and cutters

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BOLD indicates best-selling units.
Rodrunner Units - Complete and ready to Operate

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
109130 RD-GP

Rodunner, plus ten 10GP Proflex sections with “G” connectors, and RDCS-G cutter set.

268 lbs
109150 RD-LP

Rodruner, plus ten 10LP Proflex sections with “L” connectors, and RDCS-L cutter set.

268 lbs

Cutter Set

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
160040 RDCS-G

Rodrunner Cutter Set with “G” Connectors (Includes G-SHD, G-HA, G-2UC, G-3HDSC, G-3HDB, G-3RSB, G-RTR-2, G-CW)

8 lbs
161040 RDCS-L

Rodrunner Cutter Set with “L” Connectors (Includes L-SHD, L-HA, L-2UC, L-3HDSC, L-3HDB, L-4RSB, L-RTR-2, L-CW)

8 lbs
160560 RDCS-R

Rodrunner Cutter Set with “R” Connectors (Includes R-SHD, R-HA, R-2UC, R-3HDSC, R-3HDB, R-4RSB, R-RTR-2, R-CK-11)

8 lbs

Replacement Cables

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
160010 10GF

1-1/4″ x 10′ Flexichain with “G” Connectors

14 lbs
160030 10GP

1-1/4″ x 10′ Proflex with “G” Connectors

16 lbs
161010 10LF

1-1/4″ x 10′ Flexichain with “L” Connectors

14 lbs
161030 10LP

1-1/4″ x 10′ Proflex with “L” Connectors

16 lbs
160480 15R10

7/8″ x 15′ Open-Wound with “R” Connectors

8 lbs
160470 15R10-P

7/8″ x 15′ Proflex with “R” Connectors

11 lbs
160490 15R11

1-1/4″ x 15′ Left-Hand Open-Wound Hollow Standard Duty with “R” Connectors

14 lbs
160500 15R14

1-1/4″ x 15′ Left-Hand Open-Wound Hollow Heavy Duty with “R” Connectors

15 lbs

Parts & Accessoires

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
160350 RGH

Rear Guide Hose

5 lbs
160340 CF

Cable Feeding Tool

4 lbs
160370 CC

Cable Carrier

6 lbs
160380 WCC

Wheeled Cable Carrier

8 lbs
162720 RD-234

Chuck Jaws

163385 RD-311-B

Foot Pedal with Hose

136080 RD-311-E

Power Switch Diaphragm

136130 RD-311-G

Reverse Switch

136000 GFI-20

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 20 ft. cord

2 lbs
130410 LG

Leather Gloves

1 lb


90 lbs. (41 kg)

22″ wide x 19″ high with handle folded down.(56 cm x 48 cm)

Heavy-duty 3/4 hp with capacitor and 20 ft. power cord rotates cables at 485 rpm. Equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter.

10″ rear wheels, 5″ caster wheel.

Wheel Brake:
Locks rear wheels in place or releases them in an instant.

Combination Hand or Foot Operated Power Switch:
Air activated for safety; no electrical connection between motor and switch;
can be used as hand or foot switch. Eleven foot air tube.

Twin V-Belts:
For better power transmission.

Safety Clutch:
An adjustable spring-loaded clutch is mounted at the rear of the cable drive shaft.
Accessible without removing machine housing.

Chuck Handle:
Clamps on cable or acts as “dead-man’s throttle.”

Cable Counter:
Manually operated, to record number of cables in line.

Rear Cable Guide Hose:
To limit cable whipping behind machine.

Folding Handle:
Reduces truck storage space.

Cutter Set with “G” Connectors:
Spear Head, Hook Auger, 2″ U-Cutter, 3″ Heavy Duty Side Cutter, 3″ Heavy Duty Saw Blade,
4″ Rotary Saw Blade, Large Retrieving Tool, Coupling Wrench.

Cutter Set with “L” Connectors:
Spear Head, Hook Auger, 2″ U-Cutter, 3″ Heavy Duty Side Cutter, 3″ Heavy Duty Saw Blade,
4″ Rotary Saw Blade, Large Retrieving Tool,Coupling Wrench.

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