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Closet augers are the ideal tools for clearing clogged toilets. And General’s closet augers are the most durable in the industry. Patented double layer Flexicore® cables resist kinking and breaking yet offer the right flexibility. Read on to learn more about our three foot auger 1 m or telescoping six foot auger 2 m to clear stoppages just beyond the bowl.


Three foot Flexicore® Closet Auger 1 m

General’s professional three foot Flexicore Closet Auger (Cat # 3FL) is the ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or removing lost objects in clogged toilet bowls. The durable double layer Flexicore construction gives the snake tremendous resistance to kinking. The Flexicore closet auger works where plungers fail.

The tough outer steel tube is 3/4” in diameter. Inside, a galvanized steel rod turns the cable. Other features include a vinyl bowl guard, vinyl grip handle and turning handle, and a “Grip Clip” for securing the cable.


The heavy-duty six foot Teletube Closet Auger 2 m (Cat # T6FL) lets you clear stoppages just beyond the bowl. No need to lift the bowl, because the Teletube has an extra three feet 1 m telescoped inside a guide tube until you need it. After you’ve worked the first three feet into the bowl, you can go three feet farther simply by pressing a button and pulling the crank handle.

The outer steel tube is a big 1-1/8” in diameter. The hexagonal guide tube is even tougher than the steel rod we use in our 3FL closet augers. The Teletube weighs just a little more than a 3FL too. Other features include a vinyl bowl guard, vinyl grip handle and turning handle, and a “Grip Clip” for securing the cable.

General’s Flexicore cable with double spring construction is the most durable cable in the industry, but should it ever need to replaced it’s easy to do so. Just slide the replacement snake into the hexagonal tube until the spring pin snaps securely in place. (Use Cat # RS-T6FL or RS-T6FL-DH)


Cutaway Auger 
Shows hexagonal guide tube. You just press the button, pull back on the handle and you’ve released more feet of cable.


Three foot Flexicore Auger 1 m

  • Double spring construction
  • Tough outer 3/4″ steel tube
  • Inside galvanized steel rod turns cable
  • Vinyl bowl guard
  • Vinyl grip and turning handle
  • “Grip Clip” for securing the cable
  • Optional Down Head

Six foot Teletube Auger 2 m

  • Double spring construction
  • Big 1-1/8″ outer steel tube
  • Tough hexagonal guide tube
  • Weighs just a little more than 3FL
  • Vinyl bowl guard
  • Vinyl grip and turning handle
  • “Grip Clip” for securing the cable
  • Optional Down Head
  • Replaceable Flexicore Cable

Double Spring Construction
Both the three foot and the 1 m Telescoping six foot 2 m closet augers feature patented Flexicore wire rope center cables. Flexicore cable is made from two layers of tempered spring wire wrapped tightly around a 49-strand wire rope center. It resists kinking and breaking yet has the right flexibility to go through low flow toilets. It’s so tough, it’s guaranteed for a full year.


Down Head

Both augers offer the optional flexible down head to make it easier for the snake to follow bowl contours. The down head springs through sharply angled passages while protecting the inner walls from chipping and breaking.

Closet Auger Bag

Have you ever had to carry a messy, wet closet auger through an upscale office or hospital corridor? While a garbage bag will do, it just doesn’t look professional. General’s Closet Auger Bag keeps the closet auger contained and out of sight as it’s carried to and from the job.

This durable bag features a wide mouth end with a heavy duty zipper so the closet auger easily slides in. Three vent holes allow the auger to dry between jobs. And a thick shoulder strap keeps your hands free to carry the rest of your tools to the job.


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Snake-Oil Classic SDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

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Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
260010 3FL (Regular Head)

3′ Flexicore Closet Auger 1 m

4 lbs
260030 3FL-DH (Down Head)

3′ Flexicore Closet Auger 1 m w/Downhead

4 lbs


Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
260180 T6FL (Regular Head)

6′ Teletube Flexicore Closet Auger 2 m

5 lbs
260190 T6FL-DH (Down Head)

6′ Teletube Flexicore Closet Auger w/Downhead

5 lbs

Parts & Accessories

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
260280 RS-T6FL

Replacement Cable for 6′ Teletube Closet Auger

2 lbs
260290 RS-T6FL-DH

Replacement Cable for 6′ Teletube Closet Auger w/Downhead

2 lbs
260000 CABG

Closet Auger Bag

1 lb
440110 SOQ-S

1 Quart Snake-Oil Plus w/Sprayer

2 lbs
440130 SOG

1 Gallon Snake-Oil Plus

7.5 lbs
440140 SOG-S

1 Gallon Snake-Oil Plus w/Sprayer

7.5 lbs

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