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A picture could be worth a $1000.

When you have a Gen-Eye pipe inspection system, you’ll know what the problem is, where it is, and how deep to dig. Our pipe and sewer cameras keep your quotes competitive and your customers happy. General’s sewer inspection cameras save time and money too. Gen-Eye sewer cameras and Hot Spot pipe locators include everything you need to trouble-shoot 1-1/2” to 10” lines in residential and commercial settings. With the latest in innovative technologies such as Wi-Fi capability and USB ports for video recording capacity, you’ll be able to diagnose problems and show them to your customers for quicker turn-arounds and better communications.

Inspection cameras have become a must-have accessory for contractors and HVAC professionals to inspect pipes without having to remove walls or floors. The camera head can be maneuvered into places which would be unreachable in other ways. The applications for these sewer cameras are nearly limitless. Sewer inspection cameras come in many forms. Some have a rigid arm with a fixed camera, a flexible arm, or wire-like extension. These cameras can also be referred to as a snake camera. Their flexibility and ease of use are needed when nothing else helps you to see in hard to reach places.

Need Help selecting a sewer camera system? Call the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200, or click the Live Chat on your right for more information on our sewer camera systems. To learn where you can purchase high-tech, easy to operate, rugged sewer camera inspection systems, please see our Where to Buy page. View our various sewer cameras and specs below – General currently offers a variety of sewer camera systems with different options and capabilities. You can also visit our Video Gallery to watch several informative videos on our pipe inspection cameras in-action. Find the one that works best for your diagnostic needs!

Pipe Inspection Cameras

Gen-Eye POD®

Now with Wi-Fi!

Always easy on your back and your budget, General’s versatile Gen-Eye POD® and Mini-POD® pipe inspection cameras now feature Wi-Fi inside. Wi-Fi lets you use your own tablet or smartphone to record the inspection and send it to your customers on the spot or back at the shop.

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Gen-Eye X-POD Plus®

Plus Battery Adapter, Plus Wi-Fi, Plus Distance Counter

The new Gen-Eye X-POD Plus® sewer camera system now includes the Gen-Pack™ battery adapter, Wi-Fi transmitter, and an on-screen distance counter as standard equipment to boost productivity and profitability!

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Gen-Eye SD® Series

New Enhancements, Added Versatility

The upgraded Gen-Eye SD® Series pipe inspection camera gives you all the features of a full size video inspection system in a compact, portable package. The integral SD Card Reader records video or still images – it can store as much as 32 GB of data on one card.  Keep a copy for your records and make copies for your customers.

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Gen-Eye USB®

Inspection System with Flash Drive

The new Gen-Eye USB® Series includes a USB port to record on a flash drive. The Gen-Eye USB packs the features of the Gen-Eye SD® Series into a compact package, including up to 128 GB of USB recording capability, a 10.4” LCD color screen and a waterproof keyboard protected by a heavy-duty Pelican case.

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Gen-Eye SDN®

The upgraded Gen-Eye SDN gives you all the features of a full size video inspection system in a compact, portable package. Latest enhancements include: Larger 10.4” LCD color monitor Built-in waterproof keyboard Integral SD recorder Heavy-duty Pelican case The integral SD Card Reader stores video or still images – a one GB card recording approximately

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Gen-Eye Micro-Scope3®

Inspection Results In A Flash!

The new Gen-Eye Micro-Scope3® features a stronger pushrod to inspect 1-1/2” to 4” drain lines up to 100 ft. long. With the addition of a sonde to the pushrod, you can locate the camera easily with General’s Hot Spot locator. And Wi-Fi has been added to the Command Module to view and record inspections on your smart phone or tablet.

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Gen-Eye Gen-Pack

Cut the Cord and Keep Working

The Gen-Pack™ Battery Adapter lets you operate your sewer inspection camera system in remote locations where access to power is limited. It adds portability and versatility – and makes jobs easier!

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