The Metro® - General Pipe Cleaners

The Metro is a tough root cutting machine in a compact, lightweight package, at a price that’s easy on tight budgets. With 75 feet of 5/8″ cable it handles roots and other difficult obstructions in 3″ to 6″ lines – ideal for drain cleaners, plumbers, contractors and building maintenance. This easy to use, one-person operation machine is light enough to take down to the basement or up on the roof.



  • Root cutting capability in a compact, lightweight, affordable
  • Clears roots and heavy stoppages in 3” to 6″ drain lines.
  • Variable speed Power Cable Feed drives and retracts 9/16″,
    5/8”, and 3/4″ cable at up to 20 ft. per minute.
  • Drum Capacity of 100 ft. of 9/16″ cable, 75 ft. of 5/8” cable,
    or 50 ft. of 3/4″ cable.
  • 1/3 hp capacitor motor has plenty of power to drive more
    than 100 ft. of cable.
  • Handle folds for space-saving convenience in the truck or in
    the garage.
  • Features stair climbers, 10″ ball bearing tires, and truck
    loading wheel for easier handling.
  • Flexicore wire rope center cables have unequalled strength
    yet the right amount of flexibility.
  • Made in U.S.A.



Power Cable Feed

The Metro’s Power Cable Feed is a real labor saver. It enables you to vary feeding speed in and out of the line, and gives you better control when working tough stoppages. Easily handles 9/16″, 5/8″, and 3/4″ cables.

Handle and Stair Climber

Ten-inch heavy-duty semi-pneumatic wheels roll easily over rough terrain to and from the job. Truck loading wheel in the handle makes it easy for one person to lift the machine onto a truck bed.



Folding Handle

The handle is tall enough to make it easy to move to the job, yet quickly folds to take less room in your truck.


Heavy gauge wire is coiled around 49 strand wire rope and then heat treated. This cable has unequalled strength and the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough, it has a one year warranty against defect or breakage.

Flexicore®Patent Nos.
2,244,735 and 2,849,870

Cutter Set for 9/16" Cables (Catalog #EJCS)


Arrow Head Starting Drill
Starting Drill (gets water flowing)

1-1/2 UC

1-1/2" U-Cutter
For cutting and scraping


2" U-Cutter
For cutting and scraping


Small Retrieving Tool
For removing loose objects and broken cables

Cutter Set for 5/8" & 3/4" Cables (Catalog #SRCS-R)


Spear Head Starting Drill
Starting drill (gets water flowing)


2" U-Cutter
For cutting and scraping


3" Heavy Duty Side Cutter
For cutting and scraping


3" Heavy Duty Saw Blade
For roots and other stoppages


Large Retrieving Tool
For removing loose objects and broken cables

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The Metro Units - Complete and ready to Operate

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
104710 P-ME-A-S

Metro with 75EM4 (75 ft. x 5/8”) Cable, Power Cable Feed, Guide Tube, and SRCS-R Cutter Set

168 lbs
104720 P-ME-B-S

Metro with 75EM3A (75 ft. x 9/16”) Cable, Power Cable Feed, Guide Tube, and EJCS Cutter Set

118 lbs
104730 P-ME-C-S

Metro with 100EM3A (100 ft. x 9/16”) Cable, Power Cable Feed, Guide Tube, and EJCS Cutter Set

158 lbs
104740 P-ME-D-S

Metro with 50EM5 (50 ft. x 3/4”) Cable, Power Cable Feed, Guide Tube, and SRCS-R Cutter Set

130 lbs

Cutter Set

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
130060 EJCS

Cutter Set for 9/16″ Cables (Includes Arrow Head, 1-1/2″ U-Cutter, 2″ U-Cutter, and Small Retieving Tool)

1.5 lbs
130080 SRCS-R

Senior Cutter Set for 5/8″ and 3/4″ Cables (Includes Spear Head, 2″ U-Cutter, 3″ Heavy Duty Saw Blade, and Large Retieving Tool)

1.25 lbs

Replacement Cables

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
120940 25EM3A

Flexicore Cable, 9/16″ x 25 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

14 lbs
120950 50EM3A

Flexicore Cable, 9/16″ x 50 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

26 lbs
120960 75EM3A

Flexicore Cable, 9/16″ x 75 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

39 lbs
120970 100EM3A

Flexicore Cable, 9/16″ x 100 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

51 lbs
122030 50EM4

Flexicore Cable, 5/8″ x 50 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

20 lbs
122030 75EM4

Flexicore Cable, 5/8″ x 75 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

41 lbs
122050 25EM5

Flexicore Cable, 3/4″ x 25 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

25 lbs
122060 50EM5

Flexicore Cable, 3/4″ x 50 ft. with Male & Female Connectors

51 lbs

Parts & Accessoires

Item # Catalog # Description Weight  
166420 PO-ME

Metro Power Cable Feed & Guide Tube

6 lbs
174650 ME-GT

Guide Tube for Metro (Cannot be used without Power Cable Feed)

5 lbs
146160 GTE

Guide Tube Extension

2 lbs
166170 ME-SCA

Stair Climber Assembly

2 lbs

Foot Pedal with Hose


Power Switch Diaphragm


Reverse Switch

136000 GFI-20

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 20 ft. cord

2 lbs
130410 LG

Leather Gloves

1 lb
136110 PO-703

Set of feed rollers (3) for Power Cable Feed


92 lbs. (42 kg) without cable

27″ deep x 18-1/2″ wide x 46″ high
(26″ high with handle folded down)
68.5cm deep x 47cm wide x 117cm high
(66cm with handle folded down)

Drum Capacity:
50 ft. x 3/4″ (15m x 19mm)
75 ft. x 5/8″ (22.5m x 15.8mm)
100 ft. x 9/16″ (30m x 12.7mm)

Drum Removal:
Loosen two knobs, remove ringbolt, and lift off.

1/3 hp with capacitor start, forward-off-reverse switch,
20 ft. power cord and ground fault circuit interrupter.

Foot Switch:
Pneumatic, with no electrical contact between pedal and motor.

Power Cable Feed:
Drives and retracts cable at variable speed without having to reverse motor rotation.

10” semi-pneumatic heavy duty with ball bearings.

Wheel brake:
Passive wheel brake system holds the machine in place on the job and in the truck.

Truck Loading Wheel:
Enables one person to lift machine into truck bed.

Cutter Holder:
Cutter Holder on the frame keeps all the cutters within easy reach.

Leather Gloves:
For hand protection when guiding cable.

Left-wound Flexicore wire rope center. 3/4″ for 4″ to 10″ lines and 3″ lines without sharp bends;
5/8″ diameter for 3″ to 6″ lines;
1/2″ diameter for 2″ to 3″ lines.

Cable Guide Tube:
Adds safety when you can’t get machine close to drain opening. 5 ft. extension attaches to cable guide tube.

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